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How the “Sality” Virus Took Down 16 Computers

Posted by Martin On October 8th

It happened so fast, and once it did, they knew it was too late…

Quickly, the icons for their anti-virus software disappeared, and their anti-virus software was inoperable — worse, the virus was spreading throughout their network, doing similar damage to each machine it hit.

All in all, this computer virus outbreak affected most of this particular company’s 16 computer systems, including 2 production servers – resulting in days of downtime.

Unfortunately, we were called after the damage had been done – discovering that one of the first machines to get infected had expired anti-virus software. :(

But guess what?

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URGENT: “Here You Have” – A New Computer Virus!

Posted by Martin On September 9th

Today, there’s a new virus that’s spreading, and the message you might receive looks like this…

It’s really important that you DON’T click on the link in the e-mail message because it’s not really a PDF file – it’s an executable file that infects your computer with a virus.

Most of the time, people are seeing it in their Inbox with title “Here You Have“, however, in other instances, it has the title “Just For You”.

This new computer virus has been propagating very quickly, and flooding e-mail inboxes today – even shutting down e-mail servers at Comcast, ABC and Coca-Cola.

This computer virus affects the Windows based computer and servers.

If you believe you’ve been infected with this virus, please visit, or give us a call at (800) 573-0234 and we’ll be happy to help you.

Here are a couple of links to more information about this virus:

Urgent Windows Security Update

Posted by Martin On January 31st

Have you heard…

Microsoft has released a critical security bulletin regarding a vulnerability in Internet Explorer.

This is a very urgent Windows Security Update. The update fixes a vulnerability that can potentially:

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